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About Us

Located in Harford County, Maryland, Tidewater Uniforms got its humble beginning in 1982 as Backwoods T-shirt Productions, a local screen printing company providing custom printed garments to local businesses and organizations. After many years of success, Backwoods grew into Tidewater Promotions, a full service screen printing and promotional products distributor. After acquiring a local embroiderer, embroidery was added to our in-house offerings, giving Tidewater Promotions a competitive edge over local competition that outsourced these services. In 2012, we hired our first dedicated uniform sales rep to focus on the uniform market. Since then, we have added several reps whose mission it is to find the uniform program that works for you.

What's different about Tidewater?

  • By providing free cost analysis, we have discovered that renting is never in the customer’s best interest. Buying your uniform is far more cost effective, often as much as 60%. This savings can be utilized to upgrade or expand your current offerings.
  • We don't wash your uniforms. Most customers don't need this service because their employees don't get that dirty. Laundering is very profitable to uniform rental companies. Most employees rarely bring back uniforms to be washed as they simply wash them at home with their regular laundry. Unfortunately, since your rental agreement charges for all uniforms to be washed weekly, you will end up paying for a service that is not needed or provided.

Cost analysis:

When was the last time you evaluated your uniform and matting program? Our experience tells us that, often, these programs have been in place for many years and are rarely re-evaluated. Most businesses view their uniform rental program as a cost of doing business. We vigorously reject that mindset and we will prove that purchasing your uniforms and matting from Tidewater Uniforms makes more sense financially for your business.

All we need is your weekly bill and the length of your contract. From there, we will provide you with a complete cost analysis showing the enormous savings you will achieve by buying your uniforms and mats instead of renting them.

Caleb Frick


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Account Executive

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Account Executive

Fueled by lots of coffee, heart and imagination, Ed has been helping employees from many organizations find the most affordable ways to dress your team for success, on-time and on-budget for 25+ years.


Account Executive

Over 30 years of Territory Sales Experience. Develop customizable uniform purchase programs through major apparel distributors to allow my clients to look and feel good while performing their duties.